Special projects

Music projects

We have run a number of successful mobile music projects for 8-13yr olds.

Children have been supported to have a go at playing the drums or electric guitar as well as mixing,

writing their own rap tunes and producing tracks using Ableton live software.

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Our skilled music tutors have used Ableton’s ‘launchpad’ to bridge the gap between play and music.

By encouraging the children to record their own sounds and beats onto the board and then play them

back to make their own tracks. The tracks were recorded onto a CD for the children to take home.


Circus projects

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Our skilled workers have supported children to learn new skills such as stilt walking, hula hooping and poi swinging

allowing the children to meet new friends and gain in confidence in a safe environment.

this year we brought together children from two neighbourhood partnership areas of Greater Fishponds and St.George.

They worked together to put on their own ‘Playbus cabaret’ to showcase their new skills to their friends and family.



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