Play Truck


The new PlayTruck 

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The new Playtruck takes the place of our old Double decker bus.

  • The truck is a smaller, more versatile vehicle that is designed to be able to manoever and 
  • park around Bristol’s busy residential streets.
  • The Truck is able to accommodate parents ion the ‘parents seating area’ 
  • aswell as children in the main part of the truck.
  • It has a number of ‘interactive features’ such as the Robot who has button to press for visual and sound rewards
  • and our ‘Led doodle boards’ for children to write and draw on.
  • All this is topped off with a slide that leads from the main area to the outside -turning the whole bus into an activity
  • in itself!
  • The Truck is available for community bookings, children’s centres and schools (but not for parties -sorry!)

PlayTruck FAQ


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