Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Sensory Truck

F.A.Q’s – Sensory Truck

1. How many children can you accommodate at one time?

We recommend that, in order to get the most out of the facilities the Sensory Truck has to offer, that children come on to the Truck in small groups of 4 or 5 for about 20 minutes at a time.
This way children do not interfere with each other’s experience.

2. Can you accommodate wheelchairs?

Yes – we can accommodate wheelchairs, using our step lift.

We recommend putting wheelchair users into separate groups in order to maximise space on board the Sensory Truck.

3. Is there room for parents as well?

Yes – we can accommodate parents as well but be mindful of the amount of people allowed on at any one time as it will interfere with the experience the children are getting. Things can get very crowded, very quickly onboard the Sensory Truck.


 4. How much is it to hire the Sensory Truck for my event?

That depends on the length of time you would like it for.
Our prices start at £300 for a minimum of 2hrs
If the event is outside of our 5mile radius then we will charge a fuel supplement of £2.50 per mile. This is to cover fuel, wear & tear and the extra staff time to travel to and fro.
Table giving some examples of costs:
2 hours(minimum)
2 members of staff
3.-.4 hours
3 hrs £350
4hrs £400
5 – 6 hours
5hrs £450
6hrs £500
+Fuel supplement @ £2.50 per mile.
Charged in each direction

5. We have our own staff or volunteers – can we just use the Truck ?

This is a question we get asked a lot.
Unfortunately, because of the nature of the Sensory Truck and the equipment we have onboard, it is not possible for insurance reasons.

We cannot just drop off the vehicle to you and let you get on with it, this would be negligent on our part and we would not feel that children were getting the full extent of the experience of the Truck.

6. Do you do birthday parties?

No. There are other commercial ‘fun’ buses that do just that and do it very well.
We are a charity and as such we choose to focus on sessions and events that have a community benefit and focus.

 7. What are the Dimensions of the Truck ?
The Truck is 7.5 Tonnes
Length  28ft
Width      8ft
Height   12ft