Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Play Rangers

F.A.Q’s – Play Rangers

1. How many children can you accommodate at one time?

We can accommodate between 10 – 30 children at a time. We use a staff ratio of 1:10 children.

2. Can you accommodate disabled children?

Most of our Playworkers are trained in inclusive play and are skilled at getting children to participate.

3. Is there room for parents as well?

Yes – we encourage parents to join in if they want to.

4. How much is it to hire the Playranger Team for my event?

That depends on the length of time you would like it for.
Our prices start at £250 for a minimum of 2hrs. This includes 2 or 3 staff (dependent upon the number of children expected) and all equipment and craft materials (where necessary).
If the event is outside of our 6mile radius then we will charge a fuel supplement of £2.00 per mile. This is to cover fuel, wear & tear and the extra staff time to travel to and fro.
Table giving some examples of costs:
2 hours(minimum)
2 members of staff
3 members of staff
4 members of staff
3.-.4 hours
3hrs £235
4hrs £260
3hrs £285
4hrs £320
3hrs £325
4hrs £375
5 – 6 hours
5hrs £300
6hrs £350
5hrs £355
6hrs £390
5hrs £450
6hrs £500
7 – 8 hours
7hrs £400
8hrs £450
7hrs £425
8hrs £460
7hrs £550
8hrs £600
+Fuel supplement @ £1.00 per mile.
Charged in each direction
+10 miles=£20
+15 miles=£45
+20miles= £50

5.What sort of activities can you do ?

We have a wide range of equipment to suit different tastes and abilities. This includes arts & crafts, such as candle-making, badge-making, glass-painting etc., sports and games, swings and hammocks as well as cooking on the fire, den-building and loose parts (scrap play).

6. We have our own staff or volunteers – can we just use the Bus?

This is a question we get asked a lot.
Yes, this is possible but for insurance reasons we have to have at least 2 members of staff present. They would be ultimately responsible. The lead would then have to hold a safety briefing at the start of the day showing all the staff how everything works, fire safety instructions, etc.
We would also need to see a copy of your own public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance, to prove that your staff are covered by you. We would not be held responsible for accidents they had, unless we had been negligent.

We always have a trained First Aider on every session. They are ultimately responsible for any first aid incidents and their recording and reporting.

7. Do you do birthday parties?

No. There are other commercial ‘fun’ organisations that do just that and do it very well.
We are a charity and as such we choose to focus on sessions and events that have a community benefit and focus.