Aims of project

Our Aims

  • To always be mobile and able to respond to needs quickly 
  • We believe that every child has the right to play and we’re committed to promoting the importance of play in everything we do.
  • To offer a range of positive activities for children aged 5-15yrs and their families.
  • To deliver a wide range of free, positive activities to vulnerable children living in socially or economically disadvantaged communities.
  • To work across the South Gloucestershire and Bristol areas.
  • To be able to respond sympathetically and appropriately to the needs of the diverse community we live in.
  • Playbus activities are designed to promote healthy activity, community cohesion, short breaks and learning through play. 
  • To support children from Gypsy and Traveller communities in accessing main stream services
  • To be free, inclusive and open to all.


‘Every Child Matters’  & Every Disabled Child Matters’ 

We support the ‘Every Disabled Child Matters’ (EDCM) campaign, we believe that disabled children and their families have the right to the services and support they need to lead ordinary lives.

How we are meeting the “Every Child Matters” Outcomes 

  • Playbus offers a range of play activities designed to meet the needs of the children.
  • Feedback from the children informs planning to ensure that activities are relevant to their interests.
  • Activities include learning about healthy eating and cooking, environmental activities and arts and crafts..
  • The outcomes star is used to measure distance traveled on soft skills such as ‘making new friends’, ‘learning new skills’ and ‘appropriate behaviour’
  • An adapted version of these goals is used in our short breaks setting with disabled children.
  • Playbus ensures that all of its staff have up to date checks from the Disclosure & Barring service.
  • All the staff are trained in safeguarding, child protection and Paediatric First Aid.
  • Playbus offers healthy living sessions, designed to increase the emotional health and well being of the children and their parents or carers.
  • We have produced several cookbooks with the families we work with, designed to promote healthy eating.
  • sports sessions together with a sports coach teaching basketball, rugby and football these have been extremely popular with the children.
  • The Playranger team encourages all year round outdoor activity, promoting healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Bristol Playbus encourages the older children to act as volunteers or ‘mini -rangers’.
  • Bristol Playbus has been involved in community arts projects including mosaics and murals that encourage cohesion, intergenerational working and the children to take pride in their community by making a lasting contribution.
  • One of the outcomes that we measure children against is ‘making a positive contribution’; this incorporates a wide variety of skills involved with being a decent citizen such as recycling, fostering healthy relationships and engaging with positive activities are all skills that score highly and are actively promoted. 
  • Bristol Playbus services are free to children and families ensuring that ALL children have the opportunity to learn through play regardless of their economic status.
  • Our work is targeted at children and families who are disadvantaged either physically, mentally, socially, culturally or economically.
  • The short breaks service complete a play plan with all regular attendee’s to ensure that the children’s individual needs are met.
  • Children’s interests and requests inform all of our session planning and their scoring of sessions is considered in our daily evaluation.
  • Positive relationships are one of the outcomes against which children are measured .
  • Our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions are designed to promote positive parent/child interaction.
  • We carry out projects that use inter-generational working to improve cohesion. An example of this is ‘Traveller journey’s’ (funded by the Heritage lottery) we worked across the different Traveller communities around Bristol and South Glos. Oral story telling and traditional music and dancing was used as a medium to bring together the different age groups and communities involved. The project and the accompanying celebration event were a resounding success.
  • The inclusive play team work in partnership with the Adventure Playgrounds to ensure that they can offer disabled children the opportunities to make progress in their play and to develop new skills through a process of their own problem solving.
  • Our Playranger sessions enable children to make their own choices, test their own limits and to continue to push their own boundaries 
  • ‘Learning new skills’ is one of the outcomes that we measure children against.  
  • All our teams work with the ethos of  learning through play, equipping children with skills that can be transferred to other areas of their lives. 
  • Learning through play a theme that runs through all of our work
  • Our Playranger sessions encourage healthy development through running, jumping, climbing , swinging and healthy self-expression through play